Belts + Gradings

How to tie your belt

Grading is not compulsory but it’s a good way to mark your progress.

Adult gradings are held twice a year.
Juniors have the chance to take gradings once each term.

To be eligible for your next grade you must complete the minimum number of training days and know the syllabus.


Grading Fees


White Belt 6th Kyu $75
White Belt 5th Kyu $75
White Belt 4th Kyu $75
Brown Belt 3rd Kyu $95
Brown Belt 2nd Kyu $95
Brown Belt 1st Kyu $95


Yellow Belt Semi 10th Kyu
Orange Tip 10th Kyu
Orange Belt Semi 9th Kyu
Red Tip 9th Kyu
Red Belt Semi 8th Kyu
Green Tip 8th Kyu
Green Belt Semi 7th Kyu
Blue Tip 7th Kyu
Blue Belt Semi 6th Kyu
Purple Tip 6th Kyu
Purple Belt Semi 5th Kyu
Purple Belt 5th Kyu
White Stripe Semi 4th Kyu
Two White Stripes 4th Kyu
Brown Belt White Stripe Semi 3rd Kyu
Brown Belt White Stripe 3rd Kyu
Two White Stripes Semi 2nd Kyu
Two White Stripes 2nd Kyu
White Belt Semi 1st Kyu
White Belt 1st Kyu