Voucher System

This is a voucher system for service to Aikido generally, and Aikido Nelson specifically. It is based on the Aikido Nelson values of support, integrity, and celebration.

It also identifies and makes transparent the jobs needing to be done for the dojo to run well.

The system works like this:

All members of the dojo and/or their families give some tangible level of service to the Aikido Nelson community during the course of each calendar year and get voucher credits. Specific amounts of vouchers are needed for each grading.

Earning vouchers:

There are many easy ways to earn vouchers, as we want to make sure everyone can get enough to grade. Each type of service/task/job that is completed is rewarded with varying amounts of vouchers (in brackets).

Tasks include participating in (1-2) or organising (2-5) meetings, maintenance, cleaning, promotion, demonstrations and social events; providing flowers (2); raising funds (6-60); maintaining (5-15) books, database, website, dogi lease system or voucher log; and holding (15-25) a formal position like chair, treasurer, secretary etc. Please talk to the Voucher Manager or the Dojo Cho to find out how you can help.

Spending vouchers:

After the first grading, each grade attracts the following number of vouchers:

0 vouchers are required for 13 th to 11 th Kyu (and for the first grading)
2 vouchers are required for Semi 10th to Semi 8th Kyu
5 vouchers are required for 8th to 1st Kyu

Vouchers not used for gradings are redeemable at the end of each calendar year for next year’s fees (i.e. you can claim a credit of $10 per voucher for the following year January-December).
Vouchers expire at the end of each annual redemption period.

Note: Vouchers accumulated in excess of fees owed for a given year have no cash value and cannot be redeemed.